Customize Pop Socket – Personalised Pop Grips

You might spend a lot on your phone and even on its back cover, but what will be the point if you cannot protect it properly? To answer this question, Tidyprint has come up with custom popsockets that will not only protect your phone from falling but also enhance its beauty.
Here are some amazing exceptional features designed by us for your personalized pop socket to make it more attractive.

Add Name or Photo to make Customize Pop Socket

While we say customize pop socket, we mean that you can actually design your own pop grip if you want. All you got to do is insert an image or a text from the add text/photo option before adding the product to your cart.
It is our first step towards providing you with custom phone cases and popsockets. We plan to enlarge our innovations and come up with more such interesting designs and ideas to beautify your pop grip more.

Easy to Grip Personalized Pop Socket

There are pop grips that are hard to take control of and even slips from hand while trying to make a grip. But with our custom popsockets, you don’t have to face such issues.
We mark the accurate size of a pop grip that will be easy to hold and won’t let your phone slip from your hand. Our customize pop socket not only focuses on improvising the appearance of your phone. But it also takes care of the security of the phone, adequate size of the pop grip, holding ability, and other important factors.

HD Printed Custom Pop Sockets

We understand how even a simple design can change the entire appearance of your phone. Thus, we primarily focus on the material we use to print our customized pop socket. That is why we prefer HD quality printing for each pop grip order.
The elegant appearance with HD printed images or names on it makes your phone a center of attraction. We ensure that the designs last for a longer time, even after coming in contact with water. Hence, our custom phone cases and popsockets are never going to disappoint you with their printing quality, textures, and longevity.

Customize Pop Socket with Desirable Stickers

Are you someone who likes to walk all trendy and different from others? Then we have good news for you too. If you feel bored with names and designs, you can go with customize pop socket stickers, too, as stickers or emoticons are going very trendy nowadays.
Our custom popsockets designers are expert in this field. Thus, you will get your pop socket the exact way you want it. You can even gift them to your loved one by imprinting their favorite stickers or stickers that holds some history between you.

Long-lasting Material

We know nobody wants to invest in the same thing very often. Everybody hopes for a one-time investment, especially when you customize something to match your choice. With our customized pop socket, we always prefer using materials that are hard enough. So that even if you drop your phone in any case, the pop grip doesn’t break easily.
We prefer to use materials that are not way too heavy and make it difficult for you to hold it. But also make sure that your custom phone cases and popsockets are durable enough. And you don’t have to buy them often.

Pocket-friendly Customize Pop Socket

With so many features and usage of good-quality material might make you think that our pop sockets are very expensive. But let us clarify to you that our custom popsockets are extremely affordable, and you have don’t have to pay anything very much extra for your requests as well.
Here, we don’t only believe in selling personalized pop socket but believe in customer satisfaction. Thus, we bring different design options of different price ranges that suit everybody’s preferences.

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